8x10 Inches 

58 Pages 

Presented in the First Edition Photo book show, Ryerson University, School of Image Arts, Toronto

Winner of First Edition Photo book Purchase Award, X University Special Collections Library



 “Initially, my intent with this project was to visually map my mother, ourrelationship and the spaces we share. This work was to be used as a meansof documenting our time in isolation, a way to capture a unique period inour shared timeline, but, in the process, I was reminded that our lives,individually and in the context of each other, are complex and multifaceted, as all lives are. In the corners of our home are pieces of us and ourhistory; waypoints in the shape of paraphernalia. I tracked and traced thequotidian interactions we have with these spaces and objects, as well aswith each other, to build a complete guide to us, as we are right now. Morethan just a logbook or a study though, I wanted this project to be a celebration of us and the love we share. A recent loss in the family triggereda fixation, in my mother, on the leftovers and how strongly she wishes shehad more. As a consequence it became an indulgence; she was awarded thecomfort of immortalization, and I will have a way to remember (hopefullyfar in the future).” 

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